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Contributor III
Contributor III

How Create Note on chart columns


based on below chart, I have revenue drop in some days,

I want to show the reason on drop when I press or hold mouse on it.

is that way to apply this feature?

any ideas regarding this issue?



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Are you using QlikView server or Desktop?
Have you heard about Annotations in QlikView?

This community thread talks a little bit about it.
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Contributor III
Contributor III

I'm using Qlikview Desktop and I've create URL for it to show it to my managers.

I am a bit confused here, as you mention creating a URL, which should mean you are using QlikView Server to show things to the managers, and if that is the case, then Annotations is the right way to go, but you need to open the app via QlikView Server to add your notes before passing along the link to the app to the managers in that case...

Here is the Help link regarding the feature, scroll down to Allow Server Annotations, very short description:

To enable server annotations, that is, to let clients present annotations for sheet objects in the documents, and to allow users to view, write, edit, and delete annotations, tick this check box. To disable server annotations, untick this check box.

Again, the key is for you to make your annotations via QlikView Server, not the Desktop client.  The only other thing I ran across would be to create a Custom Object, but that is likely more work than is needed here.  Hopefully this may help, it follows upon Wlad's comment above.  

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