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Creator II
Creator II

How do I implement HAVING from SQL in my Qlikview script?

I have some code I am trying to change over from SQL to Qlikview and there is one part I am struggling with.  Here is my script so far:

LOAD [Purchasing Document Number],[Item],[Assignment],
Count([Purchasing Document Number]&[Item]) as SingleAssignment,
If(Count([Purchasing Document Number]&[Item]) = 1,'SingleAssignmentFlag',
If(Count([Purchasing Document Number]&[Item]) > 1,'QtyDiffFlag')) as Flag

Resident E1P
GROUP BY [Purchasing Document Number],[Item],[Assignment],[Company Code];


I am using a HAVING clause in my SQL script...

Count(SingleAssignment) > 1


How can I implement this into my Qlikview script?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Creator II
Creator II

That doesn't work for me. It gives me an Unknown Error. Can someone please show me where in my script to implement this?