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How to access any datasource with generic User in Qlikview


Generic user is created in my organization and the same will be assigned to data sources(like Oracle 12 c) so that no password is required to access any data source with this user, how can I access the data source from Qlikview with out using any credentials since it's a generic user and credential were not required.

If any one face the same experience then please guide me on this.

Appreciate your response.



2 Replies

For all data sources that require identification, you can either supply the name of the generic user, or if you can use SSO, you need to log in as the generic user and access will be granted automatically.

For any other data sources that do not require you to log in (like files, web sources or any other source without authentication) you don't need to do anything.

But actually, you're asking for QlikView to silently fix authentication issues with every data source possible. Quite a challenge...



QV Connnections don't require a password per se. QV can connect to any datasource -- OLEDB or ODBC -- using the parameters expected by that connection.

I take it these are ODBC data sources? If so, just make the QV connection to the ODBC datasource. The ODBC dsn will need to be defined on the machine where QV is running.