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How to apply report/dashboard-wide filters over different bookmarks accross all tabs

Hi All,

I wanted to know if there is a way to achieve this.

The idea is that the users will apply dashboard-wide filters/selections on specific columns on a specific tab that then will apply to a list of different pre-defined scenarios on different tabs that are created via Bookmarks.

For e.g.

The dashboard currently has several tabs

Tab 1: (dashboard-wide filters/selections that users will select which should then apply to scenarios/bookmarks that are on Tab 2 and Tab 3)

          Column 1: user will select/filter a list of value

          Column 2: user will select/filter a list of value

          Column 3: user will select/filter a list of value

Tab 2:

          Scenario 1: was created with Bookmark BM01

          Scenario 2: was created with Bookmark BM02

Tab 3:

          Scenario 3: was created with Bookmark BM03

          Scenario 4: was created with Bookmark BM04

At present when I apply selections/filters on Tab 1 and then click on each scenario/bookmark on Tab 2 or Tab 3 the bookmark filters override the other dashboard-wide filters/selections I selected on Tab 1.

Is there a way to achieve/apply these new selections/filters over existing bookmarks automatically each time the users change or select new filters on Tab 1.

Thank you!

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