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How to change the color of chart based on KPI at every level of drill down?

I have a KPI for conversion rate.

and a bar chart where my measure is CR rate and my dimension is heirarchy of product cluster -> product group -> product name.

What I need to do is that when I drill down my chart colur should change as per the KPI at that level. If value of a bar is less than KPI at that level, it should be red and if it is above than KPI at that level it should be green.

Suppose KPI at the company level is 40%. All the product which are above 40% should be green else red.

I drill down to Product Group level and KPI for this level is 38%. All above 38% should be green , below that this should be red.

I drill down to further level and KPI is 50% for particular product. If the bar is value is less than 50% then , its red else green.



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Can you try this?

If(KPI >= '0.4', Green(), Red())

POS - Even, If drilling to next stage it will work if condition satisfies..

If none of these works, please share sample application to test

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