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How to create Partial Load?

Hi All,

I am New to Qlikview

How to create Partial Load?

plese help.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi, what do you mean with partial load?

If it's just for gain reload time with not reload on the whole DB, with can use sample.

E.g if you want reload on 10% of your DB:

Sample(0.10) LOAD * ....


In your load script, use Add keyword in front of load statement of a table like

Add load * from table

then go to UI view of your document and in file select Partial reload option or CTRL+Shift+R

Hope this is helpful.

Creator III
Creator III


Partial Reload is useful when you just want to add some new data without reloading all other tables.

Load statements preceded by a Replace or Add prefix

Suppose in your Qlikview application if you have 5 tables, if you want to add one new table without reloading all the other tables then you can make use  of add keyword in the script, it will load only new table .

Replace will replace existing data in the table with new data.

Refer this link:

Partial Reload Easy and Simple