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How to display last 12 months

I've looked at a bunch of forums and a bunch of methods to display last 12 months in a chart, but none of them seem to work for me. Can someone please describe an appropriate way of doing this so that the last 12 months will refresh when data arrives.

Attached a sample file of data:

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Specialist II
Specialist II

See if attached gets what you want. In the script I made sure the date is in a date format with:

date#(Date, 'YYYYMMDD') as Date

Then in the expression, I used the formula:

sum({<Date = {'>$(=addmonths(max(Date), -12))'}>}Value)

With a dimension of date.

Please find attached.

Hope this helps!

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thanks jerem . Cant open your qvw, but I will try with what you have posted.

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This looks good  Jerem. What if I wanted to apply a month over month % change? I dont think I can use a stringht column approach because I want the last month that I am showing to have a % change from prior that is not being diaplyed in the chart.