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How to do a 'incremental' load to save time?


We're building a qlikview dashboard where we're fetching data from various sources.

A requirement is that the data must be loaded from the first day of the current year.

The dashboard will be reloaded every 5 minutes by our Qlikview Server.

As time passes the amount of data will grow. Now, with every reload it will fetch the same data that was previously loaded again + the newly added records, since the reload.

How can I reduce the reload duration by only fetching new data. In stead of reloading the whole set (i.e set from 01-01-2014 in this case)?

A part of the dashboard is included as an attachment. You can see the queries from the databases, and some other transformations.

Note: This is only a part of the full document.

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And using the Qlikview Components library can make it even easier: Incremental Load using Qlikview Components | Qlikview Cookbook

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