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How to export image to file without cutting off my page


Is there a way I could export my dashboard sheet to an image when my dashboard sheet extends beyond the normal screen size (meaning it's vertically scrollable)

If I use the 'export image to file' or the following macro, it only 'prints' the objects you see on screen if you do not scroll (see image below):

FUNCTION ExportObjectToJPG(ObjID,File)
      ActiveDocument.GetSheet(ObjID).ExportBitmapToFile File

Sub CallExample
End Sub


As you can see from the image, my second text object is 'cut off' because it extends beyond the screen size. How can I screen capture without it being cut off?

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Why not make your dashboard to fit the screen before exporting.

Use the 'fit zoom to window' from the 'View' menu on the menu bar.


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That's a good workaround. Didn't think of that. Thanks!

Edit: Just tried it. It doesn't work. It still outputs at 100% zoom levels.