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How to force QlikView to open documents in a new instance


I have three Windows 7 machines with the QlikView 10.0 (64-bit) client installed. On two of the machines, when I double-click on a QV document (qvw file), it opens in a new instance of QlikView. On the third machines (newly built), the document opens in a currently running instance of QV.

Test: Open a QV document. Double-click on another QV document - does it open in the existing instance of QV or in a new instance? On my new PC, how do I force it to open in a new instance - the same way the other two PC's do?

Have searched far and wide for an answer, and think it might be something in the registry? I don't remember doing anything special on the other two machines to make this happen.


Dave G

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Creator II
Creator II

I've tried to set the reg-keys manually but it didn't work, so I asked for the link.

I will try to download the mentioned tool and I hope that it does work then.

I'll give you feedback.

Kind regards


Creator II
Creator II


I've tried it with the tool, but "[open("%1")]" is always restored. I don't think it's a group policy problem, since I saw other QV-related things in the registry, which get resetted, if I open QlikView.

I'm using QV11.2 SR9.

Kind regards


Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

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Hello everybody there, this is my first contribution.

For those who need that QlikView starts a new instance every time that you do double-click on a QV (.QVW FILE), here’s your solution. It’s easier than we thought.

First of all, I consider that working in the same window may cause you to accidentally save an older version of a QVW file… and you lose all you have been working on. Although you don’t even think about this risk… also, it’s very annoying (For me) when you try to open a QVW file and you already have another instance open in the script editor... and it just won’t open until you close the script editor. Therefore, I found some solution useful when I need copy objects between .QVW files, or compare scripts between them.

Try this:

    1. Find any QVD file. Right click on it… then, choose “open with…”, then click “other”
    2. You need to find your QV desktop app. If it is not in the list,  try to look for it in the folder “\Program Files\QlikView”
    3. Choose “QV.EXE”, and then check the box “Always use the selected program to…”.
    4. QlikView will open a new instance and it will show you the “File Wizard: type” screen. You can close this.
    5. Find any QVW file. Right click on it… then; choose “open with…”, then “other”. Once here you will notice that you have two “Qlikview” in the list now.
    6. Choose the second option and then check the box “Always use the selected program to…”.
    7. All your QVW files icons will look different now. (I hope you don’t mind about it)
    8. Try to just double-click or enter on a QVW file and it should open in a new instance now.
    9. If it doesn’t work, choose the other “Qlikview” in the list.
    10. I dont know if it is possible to undo this beahvier.

I hope that everybody enjoy this.


Adrián Castioni

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Go to regedit

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > Qlikview.Document > Shell > Open  ---> Delete ddeexec

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Very useful.