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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to identify which ODBC connections are being used on Server

Is it possible to identify which database or ODBC connections are being used on the QlikView Publisher server? We have many qvw tasks which run nightly. The qvw files are created by several different groups and we manage scheduling the tasks in QMC.

We are looking for a log that identifies which ODBC connections are being used. Is it even possible?


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You would need to set all QVWs to write a reload log, then, you can load them and see which document is using which CONNECT string. This is set opening the QVW file with QlikView Desktop > Settings > Document Properties > check Generate logfile. Resulting logs are stored along with the QVWs, with the same name.

Or do a different logging and see which connections are open when, but I would go for the QlikView way here unless you have a security incident or something you need to look into more carefully.


You could scan all the script and look for connect statements.

Qlikview Cookbook: Script Repository


Contributor II
Contributor II

I was able to find the DB connection information using the Lineage tab of the  Governance Dashboard.

Thanks to those who responded.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for creating another great tool.

Is there a simple way to pull in scripts from any referenced import statements (.qvs files)?