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How to implement multiple stages for loading?


I have read a lot of posts that say that it is useful to have multiple stages. One states for three stages, others for two stages (As you can see in page 406 in "Qlikview 11 for Developers").

But I just can't find how to implement that stages. I don't know how to separate the code in multiple files.

What I would like is to have one file for incremental reload from database. Another stage for doing data transformation and another one for data visualization.

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you!!

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Hi Cristian, Your proposed approach is quite typical.

Layer 1: QVW file that connects to the database and keeps the QVD file up to date.

Layer 2: QVW file that picks up the QVDs and does transformation. e.g. Filling up data from reference tables using ApplyMap

Layer 3: Another QVW file which has the "binary load" of Layer 2 as the first statement, means you are reading the data model into layer 3 and this is where you build your visualisations.



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Hi Ramkumar

As I can see it's typical. But I don't understand how should I "Link" all the files. I mean, I have a QlikView Cliente Licence.

So, If the user want to update the data, How can I update it?

The way i'm doing it now is opening EACH QVW that connects to the database and reloading the script. But that's not practical for a user.

Is it possible to add a "Button" or something like that triggers all the QVWs that updates from the database?

If not, how should I update everything?

Thank you!!

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you should ideally automate this. I believe you have a Qlikview server. If so you can use QMC to schedule refresh tasks.

If you don't have a server, you can simply automate the qlikview refresh using the Windows Task scheduler or any scheduler. Create 3 batch files one for each layer with the following command. You wouldn't need user to click any buttons.

1. Reload layer 1

2. Reload layer 2

3. Reload layer 3

\....\QlikView\QV.exe /r D:\appz\<your layer1.qvw>

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Thank so much!

That solves almost totally my question

But I still wonder... What if the user don't want to wait until the task is executed automatically... is it anyway to "force" the execution of the load QVWs from Inside qlikview (The "Button")? (Server or Client)

I know I could create a batch file with the same commands that I should use for Tasks.. but that's horrible for the User Interface...

Thanks again!!!

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If you have the publisher license you can set up document administrators that can reload adhoc