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How to know the object properties while writting Macros


I have a requirement to write macros in qlikview dashboard. I have to extract information of object (Current Selection Properties).

Can anyone please reply how to extract info



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You'll have to study the api guide to find out how to get the information you need. A lot of objects contain themselves objects that have their own properties collections. Here's the com api guide: QlikView Core COM API Guide - Version 11. And here's the javascript api reference: QlikView JavaScript API Reference - Version 11

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Hi Wassenaar,

I appreciate your response.

Say I have 1 Dimension tables with 2 Columns and 5 records (Status,Desciption) and 1 fact table with 10M records.

My requirement is, I will load Dimension table first.

Then the users will selects the values from dimension fields and run the reload.

then i should be in a position to extract the information from "Current Selections" object and form a SQL statement and then load the fact table.

I am trying to access "Current Selections" object, Is there any better way to handle this?