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How to set default range for slider on startup?

Dear Qlikview developers,

I'm building a dashboard where I need to give a slider a default range when the document is opened. I already now that I can use Document Event Triggers (OnOpen > Select in Field for example) I apply this technique for a listbox which holds the days in a week. But now I want to give my slider its default range. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how to accomplish this. I already searched the forum for this problem. But didn't find any topic which gives a clear-cut answer to my specific problem.

Below is a screenshot of the slider.


The slider is attached to a field named Cofely.Hour and represents the amount of hours in a day. I want to make sure that when the document is opened the range 8 - 18 is selected as default.

Added Qlikview file

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Add two Set Variable actions to the OnOpen document trigger to set the values of the variables used in your slider to the values you want.

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Do you mean that I need to assign 2 variables to my slider, in stead of the datafield "Cofely.Hour"?

I've added the qlikview file as attachement now.

The reason why I use Cofely.Hour for the slider is because the slider is used to narrow down the dataset, which belongs to a specific Alternate State (TW1 or TW2) Then difference scatterplots can be made according to the specific dataset (TW1 or TW2).

If I replace Cofely.Hour with 2 variables, my dataset will not be narrowed down anymore, am I right? I added my Qlikview file for clarification.

For example, In the last chart on the left you will find a bunch of expressions. The expression named GasconsumptionPerHour_Monday_Period_Hour, shows the gasconsumption on monday, where the period is determined by the slider. The expression is as follows:

Avg({<Calendar.WeekDay = {'ma'},Cofely.Hour ={">=$(=Min(Cofely.Hour)) <=$(=Max(Cofely.Hour))"}, Calendar.DayYear= >}Cofely.Gas)

If I replace Cofely.Hour in my slider-settings, the expression wont fit anymore, the line isn't drawn anymore (for the specified period) and the dataset isn't narrowed down anymroe.