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How to split dimention in pivit table

Hello there,

The data fields "Month" and  "Receipt Type" will be the dimension.

Under "Receipt Type" there are "Initial Receipt" and "Follow up Receipt" two different values. "Initial Receipt" value based on "Initial Receipt Date". "Follow up Receipt" based on "Follow up Receipt Date" . Such as,

Month    Receipt Type              Initial Receipt Date             Follow up Receipt Date

Jan        Initial Receipt                  01/05/2015                                    01/08/2015

Feb        Initial Receipt                  02/05/2015     

Mar        Follow up Receipt           03/05/2015                                    03/08/2015

I would like to have the pivit table which can split two values from "Receipt Type" into two columns. Such as,


Month Receipt Type
Initial ReceiptFollow up Receipt


How can I do with the Pivit table to create the one shows above? Am I able to do it?

Thanks in advance,


2 Replies

You will need to create a Canonical Calendar here: Canonical Date

Specialist II
Specialist II

If I requirement is very simple as you stated you can also created a Calculated dimension like

Dimension :  Month

Dimension : Value list ( 'Initial Recepit' , 'Followup Receoipt')

Exp :if(  Value list ( 'Initial Recepit' , 'Followup Receoipt') = 'Initial Recepit' ,  count(Initial Receipt Date ) , count(Follow up Receipt Date) )