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Creator II
Creator II

How to suppress null values in an expression

I have an expression that produces some null values that I do not want to see.  I know there is an option to suppress nulls in a dimension, but how can I do it in the following expression:

=If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'),[VendorNum])

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Are there more than one expression in your table? If there is a value available for those expression, then you will continue to see this expression's value as null. to suppress it, all other expressions will have to be manually suppressed by using if statement:

If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'), YourExpression1)

If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'), YourExpression2)


and so on...

Creator II
Creator II

Yes, there are two other expressions in this particular straight table.  I'm not sure I follow your answer though in regards to how I should write each expression.  The other two expressions are just simple SUMs.


Like this:

1) =If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'),[VendorNum]))

2) =If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'), Sum(FieldName1))

3) =If(WildMatch([VendorNum], 'TRA*'), Sum(FieldName2))

Assuming you are summing FieldName1 and FieldName2 in your two other expressions