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Creator II
Creator II

How to use calculated expressions in resident load?

Hi guys,

As an example of sample data, I have 3 fields - Date, Worker, Label#.

I have a calculated expression Count(TOTAL <Date> DISTINCT {<Worker*={"*"}>} (Label#))

I am trying to move this calculated expression to back end, to make the front end faster as it is very slow currently.  How do I move that expression to back end using it as resident load?

Thanks in advance! 

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Count(TOTAL <Date> DISTINCT {<Worker*={"*"}>} (Label#))

what exactly do you want to calculate? 

total numbers of Label# where Worker is not empty?


Creator II
Creator II


That's correct, I am looking to count the total distinct labels for all the workers that is not empty.