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InputField in a string column

Inputfield is usually associated with numeric columns through inputsum or inputavg functions. However I want in my chart to be able to use inputfield in a string dimension instead of an expression number.

Does anyone knows how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

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If that is not possible, can I launch inside QlikView an Excel spreadsheet so the user can type it in there what they need to? I know in 10 version we will be able to launch a web page but I wonder if I can do something similar in 9.0

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Champion III

It is certainly possible. Create a button with action External - Launch, and application excel, filename pointing to the file you want to open.

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There is not what I want. I do not want to open Excel from QlikView, I want to show Excel in QlikView and possibly to send to Excel some values.

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You can display and update character or string data with inputfields also... although you may be disappointed with the behavior. You must use a listbox or tablebox for updating the string inputfields. There is nothing like the aggregation functionality with inputsum available for numeric fields.

I have used text field inputfields in a tablebox placed on the screen next to a straight table chart that shows the same fields. Within the chart I can control the dimensions and use expressions that can do things like controlling multi-line text. Then I tell my users that they should find the text they want to update using the chart and then click on the chart to make it select the dimension values. When the specific dimension values are selected then the text they want to update is visible in the table box and may be updated in the table box. After updating the text I tell them to click the left-arrow in the menu bar to return to the previous selection.