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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Is Comment symbol in string malformed in Replace() function

Hello all,

To implement a conditional object display, i.e. show Bar chart when vThreshold <= 2000. I defined an externalized variable expression in load script (background is all variables and conditional expression will be defined externally):

let vShow_Object = replace(replace('@(vThreshold) <= 2000 //code comment','~~~', chr(39)), '@(', chr(36) & '(');

Now the main concern is should I use this approach to comment expression having "//code comment" in replace() as source text.

Tested in Qlikview, I don't see any problem and replace() works perfectly to ignore "//" symbol and this is what it parsed in Qlikview:


Removing string "//code comment" is easy, just want to discuss if it will cause any problem in the future when using replace() function combined with Comment symbol (//) in source text.

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