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Contributor II
Contributor II

Is there a quick way to promote a collumn in a table box

I have a Qlikview dashboard with several wide table boxes in it.

I needed to add an extra identifier column to the tables and show it in the table boxes.

Adding the new field ended up after the last column, so I needed to press the promote button over 40 times to advance the new column to the front of the list.

Is there a quicker way to do this?

The button seems not repeating while I keep it depressed.

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Goodmorning Paul,

If you activate the table, you can drag the column. But as far as I know, not possible with 'properties'.

Also thanks to: How do I promote and demote fields in a Tablebox quickly?


Paul, I don't think so there is way to promote very fast. I never found before, The only one possible is try to move that dimension / expression by hand from UI. Hope this helps

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Creator II
Creator II


You can simply drag and drop where u want promote in a table, click mouse on field name and move.