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Issue related to Rest API Custom Pagination option

Hello All,
I'm able to fetch only page 1 with 100 rows.
I am facing issue while loading the data for Multiple pages from Rest api.
Have selected "custom" pagination option.
Please find the attachment containing the screenshot of the structure of api from postman.
Additionally please find the below parameters applied with Pagination type as offset
(1)Start Parameter Name :- page
(2)Start Initial Value :- 1
(3)Count parameter Name :- perPage
(4)Count Initial Value :- 100
(5)Total Records path :-  i.e root/data/totalCount
By default api returns 10 rows are returned,maximum 100 rows can be pulled for each page so to fetch 100 rows from each page perPage is set to 100.
But I am not able to fetch data from multiple pages i.e from page2 onwards.
totalCount indicates the no of rows in api.
Please help on this.
Thank you,
Girish Chhatani
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