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Issues with Date fields

Hello Everyone,

So I have Three tables:

-Movements (Central table joining the 2 others together)



The 3 tables are linked together by keyfields:

- Issues :  Request & Batch as IssueKey

-Receipts : Skid & Batch as ReceiptKey

- Movements : Request & Batch as Issue Key / Skid & Batch as Receipt Key

In this way I have my three tables linked together without Synthetic Keys.

The problem is that I want to joined the Date fields of the different tables together but If I do so I will Create synthetic keys because there will be more than 1 field shared between the tables. The problem is that some table have different dates inside and I want to be able to pick one of the Date field to attribute it as the reference for my calendar. ( for example Issues table have Created Date / Issued Date? Shipment Date as Date Fields And I want the reference to be Created Date)

Reference Date Fields :

Movements = Date

Issues= Created Date

Receipts = PR Start Date

I have attached my doc so if you can look at the script editor to see the different fields of the table you can.

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III


I think you need a LINK table here.

If you search community there are tons of articles regarding LINK TABLE