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Last date with data formula required


I want to create a variable which is the date at which a particular product ends.

For example if the sale of Product XYZ ended in Dec 2012 while the financial year ends in April 2013, what function could I use?

thanks in advance


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Try: max({1<Product={'XYZ'}>} MyDate)

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Thanks Gysbert.

This is kind of what I need however, the month Jan to April have zero's in them therefore the mas date being picked up is still April 2013 not Dec 2012.

I know I need to use set analysis in some way but not sure of the syntax.

=max({sum of the data is <> 0} Date)


max({1<Product={'XYZ'},SalesAmount-= {0}>} MyDate). The -= is correct even though the expression editor flags it as wrong with a red line. Change SalesAmount with the name of the field that has the 0 values.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand