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Limit data in chart to specific date

When displaying revenue and expenses in trend charts, the customer does not want to show data for the current month until it is effectively 'closed' by Finance. We have a variable in the load script that indicates last date for Actuals (e.g. LastActualDate) and I'd like to use that date to limit the data that's displayed for some charts. So if I have YearMo as my X axis and my LastActualDate is '08/31/2010' I don't want to show any data beyond '08/31/2010'...so my last YearMo on the X axis would be '2010-08'. Any thoughts?



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You should wirte an if to return a null value if the data is from a month you don't want. This can either be in the dimension or the expression. For example, something like this as a dimension.

If(Month_Year<monthstart(LastActualDate) or LastActualDate=monthend(Month_Year), Month_Year,null())

Month_Year should be a date or number and not a string. Also enable the option to suppress null value in the dimension.