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Line chart - % between years

Hi everyone.

Here's my problem : I want to know the percentage between all the years for one data.

In my pivot table, I have no problem, but when I try to put it in a line chart, there are some issues.

I have two dimensions : all the activities and the year.  (in this order)

2011Swimming pool1.000
2012Swimming pool1.100
2013Swimming pool1.000
2012Dojo 2.200

So, I want that my line chart has 2 lines, the first one for the swimming pool, for which in 2012, it shows +10%" and in 2013 -"10%" and for the dojo 2012:'+10%' and 2013 "+10%".

I tried to create the following expression : sum(Prices)/above(sum(Prices))-1, but it doesn't work.

wrong numbers.png

(niv_3 = activities)

But when I switch the dimensions ( Year - activity), it gave me the right numbers, except that the dimensions are inversed.good numbers.png

Can someone help me please ?

Thanks a lot !

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Sorry to up it, but does someone can help me ? Or maybe had I bad explained my problem ?