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Load data from two different dates side by side?

Hi all,

I am working with a qlikview document that is loading data from several qvd files - each with the same fields, but separated by date. In my data model I am joining all of these qvd files into one main table that contains data from all the dates. What I would like to do is be able to view the change in a certain field value from one date to another. For example - I would like to display the balances of all accounts on Feb 28 and next to that the balances for the same accounts on Jan 31 and then the difference between the two values. The only way that I have been able to successfully do this is by creating a new table in my data model that pulls data for the previous month (with different names for all of the fields). I have the feeling that there is a better method to accomplish this. Does anybody have suggestions?

Thank you!

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You can probably keep the data in only one table and use set analysis expressions in your charts. Perhaps alternate states can help too. Can you post a qlikview document with some data?

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Say I have the DATE of 12/31/14 in current selections

Shouldn't this expression display BALANCE data for the month before?


this is not working and I'm not sure why

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Are you trying to get totals for the month or just totals from that specific date?

I would think that you could make use of the Master Calendar and do something like this:

=sum({<Month = {'Jan'}>}BALANCE)


=sum({<Month ={$(vMyMonth-1)}>}BALANCE)