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Load data into qlikview


I hope someone will be able to help me; i want to do the following thing:

I want to create a table in Qlikview wich stores data per reload (no refresh) Why? I want to make a chart wich displays how many incidents there where open in for example week 1.

Currently i can only show wich incidents are currently open by doing a simple expression:

if ( IN_closed='0', Count({< IN_number = {"=Today() - Date(IN_DATE_creation_date) <= 7"} >} IN_number))

But i want to have an archive, now when an incident gets closed IN_closed will have the value '1'.  so i'm not able to see how many incidents where open in week 1 for example.

So basicly i want a static table (log) in qlikview wich contains the following information.


by having this information stored i can make an chart wich displays that there is 1 incident open during the period of 4 weeks.


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