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Load date from sql server returns strange character

Dear all,

I'm loading data from a qvd file generated from a sql server database. However the value for one of the date fields sometimes is set to '-' but when I apply isnull() or len(trim()) both functions return null themselves! I've tried different functions but all returns nothing e.g. ord() function returns null as well.

just wondering this is something related to how sql server stores null for date and how it can be handled in the script.

Thanks is advance.


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Former Employee
Former Employee

The first question is the issue actually in the SQL DB, or do you think it is in your QlikView Load Script?  If the SQL DB is formatting something oddly, you will have to account for that in the Load Script to ensure you get what you want in the date field in that case.  I would suspect others have not answered due to confusion over where the issue starts, if you can update to provide that info, then others may have some further suggestions.  


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