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Creator II
Creator II

Load from Web file and write xml file without double quote

Hi guys,

I'm using a public webservice to test load data.

Reading from webservice I'm able to write a xml file, with data.

But at the begginig and at the end of that file it writes double quotes ' " '.

Is there any way to remove them without manually editing the xml file ?

I've attached a sample app.

Thanks in advanced,


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Deara Silvia,

I have checked your shared file "fromRT.qvw" and also checked URL "http://www.webservicex.net/globalweather.asmx/GetCitiesByCountry?CountryName=Portugal" where from you are extracting/loading data into QlikView.

Here are the findings regarding your App:

1. Given below text is missing in your given URL link (webservice link). Therefore, you are not able to see correct fields during loading data into QlikView. So, it is requested to you kindly add below text in your service page ".xml" file and again extract/load data into QlikView.

<?xml version="1.0" encding="UTF-8"?>

2. You are extracting/loading field "string%Table" from your ".xml" webservice. The field ""string%Table" is composed of two fields called Country and City and you are expecting both fields will automatically loaded into QlikView instead of "string%Table" and you will easily add them in your QlikView App.

So, point number 2 is coming due to missing of point number 1 xml statement.

However, I made local file which is exactly copy of your webservice ".xml" file. New file name is "requestNewFile.xml" and added point number 1 xml statement in newly created file. I loaded newly created "requestNewFile.xml" file into QlikView, again stored with new name "request.xml" as you mentioned in your file and again loaded the 2nd newly created file "request.xml" file and it is working fine. "request.xml" did not create any double quote ' " ' as you mentioned in your question.

Summary of the answer is, just add <?xml version="1.0" encding="UTF-8"?> in your webservice ".xml" file, load, store and add fields in QlikView App.

For more, I am sharing you sample files as you can understand easily.

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed