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Load script stops suddenly, causing scheduled execution to fail

Good morning community!

I'm having an issue with a scheduled load execution in Qlikview.  My Create_QVD is scheduled to run on Sunday at 15:00, but often I'll check the schedule on Monday to find that this run has failed.  I check the log, and there is no error message; the script seems to just stop suddenly.

Every time that this has happened, it has always stopped at the exact same place.  The last line is always "Order Discount from Current Retail Price, "

This is attempting to load an archived version of the transactional table to concatenate to this week's version of the table.

Please see below the section of my load script that the execution stops at:

Load script fail.JPG

Is this an issue with memory?  Or with the load script?



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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

So it seems.

If I remember correctly, in the TaskLog and a few lines before the one you included in your reply, the QlikView Distribution Service (that generates this particular log file) states its intent to kill your reload engine on a single terse line. The stack traces like the one in the screenshot contain a lot of information that is probably more useful for Qlik Support than it is for us...