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MS SQL connector throttle


Is there  a way to throttle the MSSQL connector is QLIK sense? Currently we need to pull data off our production server because it needs to be near real time for certain metrics in our dashboards. However this presents an issue since it's our production environment and we don't want to impact performance as little as possible. In tests we notice that when the Qlik import scripts are running there is a noticeable impact on the production server. Is there a setting in the connector or some method that we can use to slow the import?

I realize this is an odd question to want to slow the connector but we were curious if there was such a method to control the through put so we can setup the connector to run continuously but not impact the performance of the live server as much as we do currently?



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One method could be to use an incremental approach and to load only those records which are really new. To them it might be helpful to slice your queries into smaller buckets (maybe per where-clause) and running these queries within a loop and within each loop is a sleep-statement of x seconds.

- Marcus