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MapID not found in QMC reload but the document reloads just fine using Desktop Software

Hello to whomever is reading!

I have the following problem. I created a QlikView document. I reload it in my desktop version and it all goes well. 

All the maps are created, all the tables look good,.. etc


HOWEVER, when I try to reload the file via QMC, the reload fails within 50 seconds. I generated a log file to see what was going on, and apparently, maps id's can not be found!



I don't understand, as the version of the desktop software and the QMC is the same, obviously, and the maps are generated correctly; and the document reloads fine in the desktop. I just don't get it. 


The maps are named after variables, that is the only thing that makes them "weird".

My  map--->

MAPPING LOAD SlpCode,NomComercial;
SQL SELECT SlpCode, upper(SlpName) as NomComercial FROM $(cx_BBDD)OSLP (NOLOCK);

Where i call them AFTER creating them--->
WHERE /*LEN(U_N1)>0 and*/ not exists(ClaveJoin,UPPER(CardCode)&'-'&ApplyMap('COMERCIAL_$(contador)',SlpCode,'*** SIN DESCRIPCION ***'))




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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

There are a lot of possible reasons why the qmc-load and the desktop-load return different results, for example different rights in regard to any section access or accessing any files or databases or within different variables- and/or regional-settings.

In your case it may just be the creation/content of the variable: $(contador). If you look within the log - are all expected mapping tables created with the right names? Helpful might be also to show the variable-content within the progress-window and the log with statements like:

TRACE $(contador);

- Marcus


Hi Marcus,

Yes, on the log file I can see that every map has been created (there should be 4 maps, so COMERCIAL_1, COMERCIAL_2, COEMRCIAL_3 and COMERCIAL_4.

Furthermore, the variable $(contador) is created within the script: let contador = 1

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Ok, the mappings are created like expected. What happens when they are called - probably also within a loop and maybe within any iteration $(contador) is <1 or >4 or just empty respectively the variable didn't exists anymore because by let var = null(); the variable will be removed - and if any of it happens the mapping-call will fail.

- Marcus