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Contributor II
Contributor II

MapSubstring, HTML, Clob, script load error no error message.


I'm fairly new to Qlikview so apologies if any of this is just me being silly.

I am trying to use the MapSubstring function to remove HTML formatting from a Oracle CLOB field retrieved from a QVD.

This is the mapping table:


mapping LOAD


    '<' & TextBetween('<' & SubField([PRLD Asset Long Desc], '<'),'<','>') & '>' as HtmlTag, '' as Substitute 




Then I am trying to apply that to the following load from the same QVD:



     [PRLD Key] as [%PRLDKeyID],

     MapSubstring('PRLD_HtmlTag_Map',[PRLD Asset Long Desc]) as PRLD_Resolved,

     [PRLD ContentUID]




I have checked and if I change the mapping load to just a load then I can see HtmlTag and Substitute are populated as expected.  When I try and excute the LOAD for PRLDESC then I get no error displayed it just says that the script is finished and then says there has been an error do I wish to reload the last data. 

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Have been stuck on this for days now. 



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Thanks for the explanation. It wasn't obvious to me

Another alternative is to use a bit of macro code as a script function as shown in this example:

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Rob,

So that was my first attempt.

Didn't work when I scheduled a refresh so i guess there are either issues with macros in scheuled reports or some sort of config\settings required to get these to work.