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Master calendar Error

Master calendar Error ...... could u please explain me the script error and if possible give me a possible script

3 Replies

Try to load your script like

Let varMin = Num(Date#('01-01-2014','MM-DD-YYYY'));

Let varMax = Num(Date#('07-13-2014','MM-DD-YYYY'));


date($(varMin)+IterNo()-1) AS Date

AutoGenerate 1

WHILE $(varMin)+IterNo()-1<= $(varMax);


And for your script that you use right now make some changes convert the input date values into the dates then it works fine see the load script


Date(Date#('01-01-2014','MM-DD-YYYY') + IterNo()-1) AS Date

AutoGenerate 1

WHILE  Date#('01-01-2014','MM-DD-YYYY') + IterNo()-1 <= Date#('07-13-2014','MM-DD-YYYY');


And there is one more way of doing the same but with NUM function


Date( Num('01/01/2014') + IterNo() - 1) AS Date

AutoGenerate 1

WHILE  Num('01/01/2014') + IterNo() - 1 <= Num('07/13/2014');

Hi Manoj,

Without closing any thread do not open the new thread which is similar to the question until that completes just a suggestion for you look the below thread and close if got correct or helpful.

Master calendar question | Qlik Community