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Mekko Chart Inside Labels Not Working

Originally I needed a 1 dimensional bar chart where the width of the bars would grow, this would have been too easy.

So I have been playing with a Mekko chart, but I can't quite get the values on the inside to work.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  I am happy with the bar width, and stacking; it is the inside labels that's not right.

I would also like a reference line as an average of the bar height to cut across the middle of the bars....But his is extra...

Please see attached QV.  I have the data there in an inline for easy help, but I also attached the csv file.

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are you saying that the mekko labels should display the numbers in your table chart but have the width/height for a different expression? if yes, then change the order of your expressions...so Volume should be the first expression and Cost should be your second expression.

Master II
Master II

Here you are



Change your expressions order in Chart Properties -> Expression-> and make Volume as your first Expression by using Promote button.

Hope this helps you.