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Creator III
Creator III

Multi layers in a container

Dear all

I am using a few infgraphics in qlikview.  To achieve this effect I create a bar chart and then place an infographic over the top of the bar chart

I therefore have 2 layers

I now want to make my sheet efficient and am thinking of placing items into a container to save memory.  However as I have 2 layers with my infographic, I wanted to know whether a container can cope with the layering?

Please see attached example, which is a bar chart with the image over the top

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Creator II
Creator II

I've never found a way to do this with containers.

Have you tried using the 'Text in Chart' on the Presentation tab?  I've used this for text before, but because it does have an expression box, perhaps you can bundle load the images in and use them in the expression.


With some textboxes (one as frame and the others as buttons which switch variables to show/hide your objects) you could simulate a container.

- Marcus

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

A container can either display one object at at time, or a grid of multiple objects. They will not layer on top of each other, so you cannot use a container to achieve your requirement. Just place the two objects directly on the sheet with the overlay on a higher layer number than the bar chart.

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