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Creator II
Creator II

NORMINV Function

Is there anyone who is familiar with the NORMINV (inverse of Normal Distribution calculation) as it relates to the same function (NORMSINV) in MS Excel? I am trying to calculate the process sigma of complaints vs shipments.

The formula using NORMSINV (Excel) as follows: =(1- NORMSINV(1-((Total Defects) / (Total Opportunities))) + 1.5.

The NORMSINV function is QlikView is: =(NORMINV, prob, mean, std dev).

I would rather not calculate this in Excel and then load the table into QlikView. I'd rather load the data table listing Sites, Years, Period, Complaints and Shipments and make the calculation in QlikView. That will prevent me from having to update the spreadsheet before reloading.

Thanks in advance for any help with this one.


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Where yield is your Defect per million expressed as a %