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NPrinting variable output filename/folder questions

Edit: I just noticed Qlikview variable in the dropdown for dynamic naming and will check into that for question 1.  Guidance on how to use it might be good, but I think I have a good start there now.  Still have no clue about identifying a folder with today's date yyyymmdd in the file path, but may find that somewhere too.

Hi, two questions:

1> Is it possible for nprinting to output variable file names beyond the options shown in the dynamic naming field?

For instance, if I have some field in the qlikview like subfield(filename(),'.',1) as nprintingoutputfilename //to get the name and not file extension

And I put the value of that field into a textbox on the Qlikview

Can I get the value from that Qlikview textbox to be part of the filename nprinting outputs to?  like $(vfilename)&'_working'

2> Is it possible for nprinting to save a file that will always be named as today's date yyyymmdd?

For instance, output to c:\userlists\AcmeCo\20160404\ today, then the same but ...\20160411\ next week.

(This is a bit of a legacy folder structure that exists for reasons.)

So ultimately some report output file path like ='c:\userlists\AcmeCo\'&date(today(),'yyyymmdd')&'\'&$(vfilename)&'_working'

Thanks in advance!  (If neither of above are possible, we might work something out with powershell.)

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