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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need Help in Filtering Data

I have a data model where I have 'TimeStamp' and 'Message' columns.

This data is for a job which has to complete at 7AM daily. If the job is going to be delayed, the table is updated with a reason. When the job finally finishes, the table is updated with 'DB is Available' message

For example, on 7th May, the job was running late so 2 entries were made specifying the reason for delay. When the job finally completed at 8.48AM, the msg column was updated with 'DB is available' message 


I have created a line chart to visualize when the SLA was missed.


When a user selects a date when SLA was missed, I want the datasheet to show the records for that date.

For example, when the user clicks on 5/7/2019, the datasheet should appear like this:


But since the user has clicked on the date from the chart, both the date and corresponding 'time' gets selected (In this case, 5/7/2019 and 8.48.20AM)

So the datasheet gets filtered like this:


I see just the record when the job completed. I'm not seeing any other rows which will tell me why the job was delayed.

Is there anyway to have the datasheet *not* get filtered by time. I want to filter only on date.

Any help would be appreciated!



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Just move your condition in the chart from the dimension to the expression, means:

dim: LoadDate

exp: only({< SYSTEM_MSG = {'Load is complete - Database is AVAILABLE'}>} LoadTime)

- Marcus

Specialist II
Specialist II

If you have a date field without timestamp as a dimension  you will be getting all the timestamps associated wtih that dates . Whats your dimension in the chart ??

Former Employee
Former Employee

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