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Need help with the Set Analysis

Hi All,

I am trying to resolve an issue with the Set analysis but not able to do so.

sum({$<Date={">=$(=$(Var12months))<=$(=$(VarSelecteddate))"}, Filter={'*'}-{'UP'}>}Amount)

This string is giving me a graph for last 11 month depending upon the date selected in the variables and data present in report, but the graph is not working properly if i am selecting any other filter it gives Random data in the graph.

We have two columns on which we are applying filter one being the parent in the hierarchy so it has one to many mapping in the data model. but if i am writing this set analysis in a straight table i am getting many to many mapping for those two fields.

Any suggestion on the same will be of great help..



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Would you be able to share a sample or image of the problem chart? It would be good to see what you are getting and what you are looking to get