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Nested IF statement in script

Scripting is not my strong point (not that I'm particularly strong in any one area of QlikView yet!) so hopefully I'm explaining this right.  I have 2 QVDs.  In A.qvd, I have 2 fields, the first is Serial_Number and the second is Unique_Identifier.  I have the same in B.qvd - Serial_Number and Unique_Identifier.

I'm trying to write a script that says basically see if you can match the serial # in A.qvd to a serial # in B.qvd; if you can't, then try to match Unique Identifier in A.qvd to Unique Identifier in B.qvd; if you can't, then leave it blank.

So far I haven't figured out how to successfully write a nested statement correctly for it, and I'm also not sure where exactly to put it in the script.  I'm guessing it goes in B.qvd near the bottom after it's read both fields from both QVDs but I'm not sure.

Each field contains thousands of unique records, so I need to write something that covers everything without needing to write out individual serial #'s, etc.

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