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Not work Trigger OnPostReload


I have a project that always is open on web.

A project reload every hour or more times.

Users dont "touch" it.

This project is system of monitoring.

After reload (from qmc or desktop) I want to select some values in fields different from the current ones (using Trigger OnPostReload). But "select in field" and same dont work, I only can set new value for variable.

In desktop all work perfect, but on web dont work.
Clear cache is one way for working on web (but users dont "touch" it) .

Can anyone advise what can I do with it?
Can I set session time for only this document from qmc? It can help for clear cache, but I dont know exactly.

I use QV 11.


I trust in you, you can help me 😀

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

What exactly are you trying to do in the OnPostReload trigger, a macro call or Actions...?  What is the full version you are running 11.xx.xxxxx?  I assume when you say Web, what you mean is Publisher reloading things or the Reload Engine, and in that case you need to understand triggers are not run by either of those, they are ignored, your only option would be to run things via QV.exe, but when using -r there, it is not recommended to use OnPostReload trigger there either, as there is then a conflict in that the -r wants to shut things down post reload, but yet their is a trigger trying to run too...  I am not really sure how best to go at this given what you described.

You did not say which client you were using as far as users, I am assuming Ajax, which if so, you could check the Settings\Document Properties\Server tab settings and see if there is a setting there called Enable Push from Server, checking that may help, but I am not sure it existed in the version you may be running...  That would be the only thing of which I can think that may work here.


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