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OCX getting refresh button to work

Hi there.

We have an issue that some of you might shed a light on.

we have a document that is client initiates refresh and the user presses the refresh button and he gets his new data.

All fine and dandy.

But when embedded into the ocx there is no refresh button so we need to be able to do that in code.




sound like they should work but always return a COM error.

The documentation says "Replaces active (remote) document with newer version on server, if one exists."

does anyone know how to get refresh to work in the ocx or in code ?


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One of the avenues I'm now trying is to execute the refresh menu Item. The menues are not visible in the ocx and the OCX reference manual states that you should download the OCX sdk which does not exist anymore (everything is online) to get the menu constant definitions

Does anyone know there the menu Constants definitions are which according to the manual says its in qvmenu.bas ?