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One Color in my Pies


To build  a pie chart  in a Trellis Chart to show the analysis of sales and targets , for example 3 Companies 001, 002, 003. To show the % from Sales/Targets in each location. On the whole has at the moment one dimension (companies) and in my expressions (measure) Sum(Sales)/Sum (Targets) with the Property on Values % with 1 decimal. The problem is that every Pie in my Trellis Chart has one Color It should be two: one for the hole (= 100% where Sales = Targets) and one Color for the Part  (Sum(Sales)/Sum (Targets)). Sum(LineAmount) is (Sum(Sales) + Sum (Targets))

I hope someone can help me to create the right pies in my TrellisChart

Thanks in regard


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How many measures do you have in that pie chart?

my expressions (measure) Sum(Sales)/Sum (Targets)

That's only one: Sum(Sales)/sum(Targets)

It should be two: one for the hole (= 100% where Sales = Targets) and one Color for the Part  (Sum(Sales)/Sum (Targets))

That's two, but what kind of measure Sales=Targets is I don't understand. Do you mean Sum( If(Sales=Targets, Sales,0)) perhaps?

Sum(LineAmount) is (Sum(Sales) + Sum (Targets))

And here is number three: Sum(LineAmount). How does that fit in with the others in your pie chart?

Please explain in more detail what you're trying to do. Post a small qlikview document that demonstrates the problem if you can.

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Hello Gysbert,

The Dataset has one Amount and that is LineAmount.

Depending on the DataLevel (Actual or Targets) there is a Sum (Actual = Sales) and a Sum(Targets)

So when Sum(Sales) = Sum(Targets) my goal is reached = 100% and the whole Pie should  be GREEN.

My problem was that my pie was red. I solved the problem:

I calculate one part by:  Sum(ActualAmount) / Sum(TargetAmount)  (Format in %)

And the rest by:

If ((Sum(TargetAmount) - Sum(ActualAmount))/ Sum(TargetAmount)> 0, (Sum(TargetAmount) - Sum(ActualAmount))/ Sum(TargetAmount), 0)  (Format in %)

And it works well

Thank you for you reply

Regards Court