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Open PDF file from AccessPoint

Hi -

I have created a pdf file that I would like to open from AccessPoint. I tried creating a button that would 'Open URL' where URL is pointing to the exact location of the file on the server but it did not work. The way I created a button was:

- Under actions, selected Launch

- Application - I selected the location of PDF reader .exe file

- Filename - full path and name of the pdf file on the server

The above approach only worked on my desktop version but not on the server even after changing the path of the files to use server path. I was not able to find any solution in QlikView community. Any help would be appreciated.


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Creator III
Creator III


Please refer the following thread to create a VD thro IIS on the server.

The solution helped me to open a PPT on the server thro access point.

Hope it helps!!!


Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

We are using QWS even then will the same approach of setting up of virtual directory in IIS be required.

Thank you.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi everyone, 

When I put the specific path in "Open URL", the program said: "Failed to Launch C:\QlikViewRoot\Source\PRODUCCION\(....)\GuiaPDF.pdf". How can I solve this problem? Why this happens?