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Open qlikview apps in different windows ?

I want to open each app or qvw file in a separate window. How do I do this ? One example where this is useful when you want to compare settings of two different charts (inside different qvw files) side-by-side.

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I thing if you are using access point to access your Qvws then you can open one qvw and right click on another application and open in another tab so that you can compare two qvws

Please try this.


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I am doing it inside QV developer.

Creator III
Creator III

double click on qv shortcut -> open your document 1

double click on qv shortcut -> open your document 2


you can open as many qlikview instances you want from start menu,

just click more times on Start Menu Qlikview Item

you can also compare two apps in same (one) qlikview using menu --> Window --> Tile (see image)1.png


Every time when you click on the Qlikview short cut you open new instances just try this one. Also try to open 2 instances and then Drag your first qvw application on the first qlikview instance same as do for second qlikview file and drag on second instance then you get side by side 2 qlikview application.


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Go to the taskbar, right-click on the QlikView icon and select Qlikview11


Opening a QVW will not open a new application, it will only open the model in the already open QV application.