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Contributor II
Contributor II

Out of Range Data should not be able to get selected

I have 3 listboxes with data which are filtered based on the user input date(from,to),but after filtering im able to select data in listbox which is out of the given range.I want to select only from the data in range.How can we implement that?

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Master II
Master II

You can't prevent specific selections on a field unless they are excluded by other fields. If you have To and From date selections that don't impact the regular date, they won't prevent selections on any other values.

You could try using On Selection triggers to check the selected value against the From and To values and clear the field if it's outside the range, perhaps?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I'm not absolutely sure but I think the only possibility is to lock the from-to selections - it's an option from the context-menu of the list-box.

Beside this you may enable within the list-boxes the option to hide excluded values and/or using expressions like aggr(only(Field), Field) instead of the native field within the list-box. But both methods could also minimize the risk of other selections but couldn't prevent them because selections could be also made within each object.

In general you may be also able to implement the from @Or mentioned action-logic. But I think it could become even by quite simple scenarios quite hard to get it to work.

My suggestion is you avoid all such measures and used the native color-logic of green-white-grey to let the users see what's selected/possible/excluded. If anyone clicked on an unwanted value he/she could easily click on undo to revert to last selection-state. Why making a simple thing more complicated as needed ...

- Marcus