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Partial reload will only work in specific circumstances - warning?


I have now implemented a partial_reload_scheme in my script to speed things up by just reusing one big table instead of reloading it - but this will only work under specific circumstances:

- The script must have been loaded regularly once before a partial reload can be used

- The plant (there are two, that one big table is specific) must be the same as in the prior run

=> Otherwise the partial reload will fail as either the entire table will be missing or the searched-for record will just not be in there ...

=> Is there any possibility I can integrate an "emergency break" into the script in case the user makes a mistake here? I tend to trust the users, I know them all, there are only three of them and they tend to use their brains 😉 - but that is now ... you know what I mean?

(I already have made up my mind to build two buttons on top of each other, the first one triggering a warning so the user can still decide to continue or abort.) In the worst case, there would be an error, but the report is run locally, so that is not so bad ...

Best regards,


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