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Personell_data - sickness "phases" - date_problem


I once again face a problem in my personell_data app. I'll try to put together some sample data to illustrate the exact nature of my problem.

- We have n employees, associated with n areas.

- These employees, of course, are sick at times.

- What I want is ultimately the average duration of sickness_phases by area so these can be compared.

- I have already come pretty far in this:

     - I have built a counter that, within one "sickness_phase" for one employee, counts the nr. of days that emp is sick.

     - By aggregating I have now joined the total nr. of days to every day of a "sickness_phase" - so if it was 5 days in total,
       then every "day = record" says 5.

<=> The problem is, to aggregate this by area (over all emps in that area), I have to throw out the date and the emp_no.
        => So currently I have a hard-coded date_filter (this year) in my script to get exactly ONE value per area.

<=> That of course limits the user's possibilities on the GUI: It is then impossible to view last year's data.

Can anyone help me possibly overcome that limitation?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


P.S.: There's no qvw in my attachment, but only the base_data (such as I have it now, with the "total_nr_of_days") - it should  be easy to make a barchart out of this, however.
          => Once again, my problem is that currently I disregard the date and just display a YTD_average (of the duration of
                 "sickness_phases") per area. I would like to have the possibility of selecting some "cutoff date", however, to be able to
                  make month-over-month comparisons or so.

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