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Picking a particular values form string and separated by comma from a field value

  Hi Everyone,

I have loaded issues table data from jira to qliksense. For sprint field ,values are loading with big string which is unwanted,shown below.

Below one is the sprint field value for one user story.where user story started in sprint8 and carry forwarded to  sprint 9.

"com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint.Sprint@51c6f9d7[id=2000,rapidViewId=776,state=CLOSED,name=YBS Sprint 8,startDate=2020-07-30T16:00:38.382Z,endDate=2020-08-14T15:59:00.000Z,completeDate=2020-08-17T17:15:41.490Z,sequence=2002,goal=<null>],com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint.Sprint@68327bc3[id=2001,rapidViewId=776,state=CLOSED,name=YBS Sprint 9,startDate=2020-08-17T15:19:40.545Z,endDate=2020-08-26T17:19:00.000Z,completeDate=2020-08-27T16:19:51.655Z,sequence=2004,goal=<null>]".

So from above string i want to pick ,where ever name= YBS Sprint along with sprint number.

For example: 1). For user story 10 ,actual sprint is 8 and carry forward to sprint 9

                    2) . For user stroy 15,actual sprint is 9 and carry forward to sprint 10 and sprint 11

Finaly out put i am expecting is:


10,YBS Sprint8, YBS Sprint9

15,YBS Sprint9, YBS sprint 10, YBS sprint11

Sprint field should come with values separated by comma instead of string, may be in future if sprints is carry forward to another sprint for userstory that sprint also should be separated by comma.


Can any one suggest your inputs how to proceed on this...

Thanks in advance.....

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@Qlik-Developer  Your sprint filed will be comma separated values of the sprints so do you want to show first YBS sprint of that string?


Yes values of sprint should be separated by comma .

No all the sprints for particular userstory should be shown in sprint field separated by comma.

In bar chart only active sprint should be shown, in upcomimg days sprint will change so bar chart should change according to active sprints.

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

@Kushal_Chawda poster did reply to your last set of questions, sorry the notifications are still screwing up, if you get a chance to circle back, appreciate it.


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